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About us

Mission of the organization -    To make high-quality food available for all the people.

Vision of the organization - Nutrimax will be a reliable partner for the farmers living in various parts of the world, provide them with modern knowledge, technology, and high-quality food products.


About us

Nutrimax has been successfully operating since 2009. And in September 2016, a modern, high-tech enterprise was opened. Its annual production capacity is about 85,000 tons of feed for farm animals and poultry. The project was implemented with the active involvement and consultation of Nutrimax's partner Trouw Nutrition, which ensures the enterprise's compliance with modern standards. We have been successfully operating since 2009 and have thousands of satisfied customers.

In 2023, another high-tech food enterprise was opened, with the possibility of making extruded food for companion animals and feed for fish. Nutrimax is introducing a high quality Pet food for all breads of dogs and cats. Our recipes are fully developed by experienced Nutritionists and veterinarians. All these allows us to produce all quality food, included high and super premium qualities.

Currently, we provide our customers with wide range of products and services: Complete feed and best quality  concentrates, premixes, and other supplements for Companion animals, agricultural animals and aquaculture. With our products we also provide  knowledge which we spread with free consultations.

Our customers can benefit from free consultations to enhance their operations. Our daily efforts are aimed at increasing people's access to healthy food for as companion animals as for farmed animals.

Our products and services are available though numerous countries in the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Africa.

Modern and high-tech combined feed enterprise of ,,NUTRIMAX” was opened in September 2016. Company’s annual output of animal, poultry and fish feed reaches approximately 50,000 tons. The project was implemented by active involvement and consultations of TROUW NUTRITION, which ensures the new factory’s compliance with modern standards. TROUW NUTRITION will continue to actively participate in the factory and production management issues. This will provide establishment of European standards and offer high- quality products to consumers. Feed products, meant for poultry, livestock and fish sector, will supply not only Georgia but also the South Caucasus.

Modern, high-tech feed and pet food mill factories

Official Partner Of Trouw Nutrition In Georgia

TROUW NUTRITION HIFEED is the world leader in the industry of premix and minerals’ that are substantial in animal feeding. All the above mentioned allows “NUTRIMAX” to be consistently superior in the Georgian market and introduce any kind of global innovations quickly and efficiently. Since 2013 ,,NUTRIMAX” and TROUW NUTRITION have signed the Know- How Agreement, which implies the introduction of their knowledge and technology to our company and consumers. In the frameworks of this agreement, the company’s specialists are trained in Holland at TROUW NUTRITION offices, enterprises and research centers. This agreement also envisages arrival of Dutch specialists in Georgia and holding trainings for specialists of our company and our clients. As a result of sharing knowledge and experience, we permanently thrive on establishing innovative projects and maintaining high standards.

     ნუტრიმაქსი წარმოადგენს მომხმარებელზე ორიენტირებულ ორგანიზაციას. ჩვენი მთავარი ამოცანაა ვიზრუნოთ ჩვენს მომხმარებლებზე მთელ მსოფლიოში. ჩვენ მათ მხარს ვუჭერთ არა მხოლოდ ხარისხიანი საკვებითა და საკვებით, არამედ ცოდნითა და თანამედროვე ტექნოლოგიებით.